Guide to FWG Bridge

You know those games which force you to play them the same way?
Well, FWG Bridge is different. Here's one way of completing level 3.
I'm not saying it's the most efficient way, but if you're crossing a chasm in convoy with your mates you want to do it with style, right?
I thought the little fellas shouldn't be restricted to a boring one-dimensional path. No, they should fly and be free.

The first gap

I crossed this using the 'hanging church' method.

Start of the second gap

The little guys land on a pillar and throw themselves into the void without a second thought.
The structure resting on the pillars is mainly a crane and counterweight for a small slope, which gets them over the better part of the hole.

Getting some air

That handy skyhook sure came in useful in building this ramp.

Just in case you thought some might not have made it...


Wondering how I made the slopes?
The little guys can only walk on beams which are initially on a horizontal green line between the edges of the ditch.
The trick is to build asymmetrically and let your structure slump into position - it's all about centre of gravity.

The other thing to bear in mind is tension. You can let a section fall a short way using a crooked strut.
It's more expensive, but you pay for quality.

You can see I had 200 bucks left. That's right, this bridge came in under budget. I'm available for hire for civil engineering projects.

...and relax

So that's it. FWG Bridge is probably available all over the net by now, but I played it on Kongregate, as the observant among you might have noticed from my badly cropped screenshots.

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