Fly Away Home

A run-and-jump platformer with a cheerful demeanor


As a ladybird you need to get home to your family.
Run and jump past creepy-crawlies and other obstacles which block your route.
When you leave the right hand side of the screen, you'll wrap back on the left, so pay attention!

Be on the look-out for holes - they're useful shortcuts.
One extra life is available per level.

If you run out of lives you can keep on playing to practice, or see what happens next. However, you will not get a score, and levels are marked as 'passed' rather than 'completed' on the main menu.


Your basic options are to go faster, slower or to jump. You can't go backwards.

You have a choice of keys:

Arrow keys
Right:Faster, Up:Jump, Left:Slower
D:Faster, W:Jump, A:Slower
D:Faster, Q:Jump, Z:Slower

And in addition:

Space Bar
Make menu selection or skip delay

Or mix and match to your desire

game article with bonus material

If you want to comment on, or read more about this game please head over to the article in my blog. The gorgeous title-page art is also available there as a desktop wallpaper in a range of sizes.

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