A challenging game which will improve your mental agility.


You might think that maths games can never be fun, but just try it - the addition of movement, immediate scoring and a time-limit makes a surprising difference.
And after developing your skill at this game your mental algebra will be devastating!

Instructions and controls

In this game you have to match the value given in the central, green spot, to one of the values in the orbiting blue spots. You need to clear all the answers before time runs out.

Just use the mouse pointer to click on your choice. The first level should let you get the hang of this, but don't go away! It gets more tricky and fun.

You get 10 points for a correct answer but lose 20 for an incorrect choice. In addition, you lose a second for every wrong answer in the level so far. So the first mistake costs you one second, the next two, the third a further three seconds, and so on.

You get points for the time remaining at the end of each level. There may be several identical answers available - you can pick which of these to use.
There are nine levels, which work through basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, fractions (this is hard), precidence of the basic operations, powers and finally, all of these together.

You can now submit your score to a high-score table to compare it against the rest of the internet.

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