First Prototype

Yesterday a strange little parcel arrived...

First printed prototype

I wasn't expecting it for a few days, but my cards were delivered yesterday.
So exciting.

The card decks in the opened box

Look at that - it was tied up with string. Somehow even that is in itself exciting.

Cards spread out but overlapping on a table


I think they've printed really nicely. There are a few little tweaks to make - mainly to make text more legible, but the colours are great and the resolution is very sharp.
Of course some of them may get changed completely, depending on playtesting, but it seems that the printer's pathway translates from screen to card very well - at least for these abstract designs.


Now I have a deck of cards I'm not ashamed to show people, playtesting can begin in earnest.
I'm hoping this will particularly allow me to observe 'naive' first experiences, without the prejudice which is bound to occur when the game is hand-drawn on bits of paper.

(Published 25th March 2015)


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