Your privacy while browsing Lysis Games

The Lysis Games website does not attempt to track you with a browser cookie. For technical reasons, a cookie is supplied by the hosting service - this is used solely to ensure that during a session you are connected to same server in the cluster.

The site does use Adsense adverts, and Google may store a cookie on your computer to target ads at you. If you object to this, you can either disable cookies completely, or opt out of their programme.
If you want to disable cookies completely, please don't ask me how - it'll depend on your browser, so look at the help for that.

Some of my games use a Flash cookie to hold information like level reached, but that is stored on your computer and not transmitted. You can block these flash cookies using the flash player settings dialogue box (open a game then right-click and select "Settings" on PCs). Then set local storage to 0kb. This will delete any saved games you have, though.
Most of my games use Mochiads, and some of the games use the Mochicads leaderboard, which you can type your name into if you want. If you don't want to reveal your name, don't. I believe that Mochiads also use a flash cookie to track individual users (or in practice, computer-accounts). If you object to this, you can go to the global flash settings site and either find in the list and drag its information permission size to 0kb, or (if you're really paranoid) delete all sites, then go to the unvisited site tab and drag that to zero too. This may affect the functioning of many sites!

The site now includes a comment system. With the exception of the password, information entered as a comment is immediately made public. You must not enter any personal or private information.
The password is processed using a one-way algorithm and then discarded. However, as it is not transmitted securely you should still not reuse an important password, and should not enter any personal information into this field.

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