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12th September 2011

So what happened then?

Keyhole Challenge!

This is the seventh article on my development of an online game with very small viewing dimensions.

The pitfalls of game development

There's been a long hiatus since my last posting, I should go over why that is. Firstly I had ideas for other games and made those instead. Unfortunately, this meant I lost a lot of enthusisam for this, particularly since it's never going to earn money directly. I also realise now that I planned too large a chunk for the next blog posting; I should have broken it down into more managable stages, each with a playable demo for feedback.

Neither of these reasons for neglecting development of this game are typical for me, usually I just decide that the gameplay isn't there or hit some other unassailable hurdle like a difficulty acquiring or generating assets of some sort. I still like the idea of this, and may pick up development again at some stage.

Games getting dropped some way into development is pretty common, indeed in some ways it's considered healthy. Posting this is something I should have done long ago, because it's been blocking me from posting anything else.
What I've decided to do is reveal a demo which covers most of what's there as of the last modification. What's missing are the interactive creatures; I'd planned at least four different types, and got some way into implementing one. The collectable stars are present, but there's no count of how many you've found.

Before I go I'll just reveal the name of the game : "Iconic" - please consider it bagged :-)
Yes, I'm a sucker for puns as game titles, you'll see more of that when I get round to publishing games regardless of sponsorship success.
The demo is below. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think either in comments or by email if you're shy.

Iconic v0.6

Controls: Arrow keys.
You may need to click on the game to get the keys to work.
Too small to see? Enlarge it with your browser: Page>Zoom>200% or similar.



posting by yaga (all-purpose quantum tree) Wednesday 21 September 2011
cool...nice demo
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